Camping With Kids – Tips and Essentials

Kids today want fun and excitement. It can be movies, a day’s out, fun and sleepover at a friend’s place, hiking or eating out. Kids today are literally keeping parents on their toes! Camping is one such fun activity which is attracting kids and teens just like adults! And who does not know the thrill and adventure that camping involves?When we say camping, we often recall those interesting stories by Enid Blyton and R.L. Stine, where kids and teens went for camps and encountered weird and eerie situations and characters. But camping by any means is not scary or dangerous. Camping is supposed to be for fun and frolic and it is rightly so. Kids in the western countries go for summer camps. Adults and teens also indulge in the same. A whole lot of interesting and fun-filled activities are arranged for those camps. In hot climes, camping generally happens in the cooler months and for summer camping activities organized from schools, river sides are a popular choice. Kids always look up to camping and expect a lot of fun from there. They cherish happy memories from these camping activities. So here are five interesting and fun-filled camping activities for kids:1) Create a campfire at the center of the camp. Keep delicious snacks and drinks ready. Make the kids stand in a row and then play songs so that they can sing and dance around the fire. Another fun way would have each of the kids enact anything of their choice, sing, dance or recite a poem. Give away gifts to the best performers.2) Painting and crafts created out of paper and play dough can be a great source of fun for many kids out on a camp. Arrange for gifts and prizes for the best painting and craft.3) Swimming in the nearby camp lake can be exciting for many kids who love water. Bathing and splashing in the cool water will be thrilling for most kids. Alternatively, boating facilities can be arranged for the kids for a small fee. However, always be watchful when they step inside water or go for boating and never keep them unattended.4) Since most camping sites have arrangements for biking, it can be a great option. Going out on bikes amid the serene and beautiful scenery would be an amazing camping experience for kids. Keep a map of the place and make sure that no kid is left behind. Plan out the bicycle trip in detail and come back before it gets dark.5) Nature watching, birds and animals watching is a great way to make camping memorable for the kids. These days, most camping sites and forest areas have brochures or leaflets about the different species of birds, animals, insects and plants of that particular place. Watching these plants, animals and various species of birds can be very interesting for the kids. Make them note down the name of every bird, animal or plant that they see. Quizzes can be organized to find out which kid remembers the names better. However, have a watchful eye while the kids go near the animals to avoid any kind of danger.So the next time you think of camping with kids, check out these simple ideas to have a blast. These fun activities would certainly keep the kids engaged and have them coming back for more. After all, camping is a great recreational activity to bond and socialize together!