Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

The enjoyment that can be had from a camping trip largely depends on the camping gear that people bring to camp.  When people bring all the right gear at camp and make use of them then the trip becomes a relaxing and fun experience for everyone.  Missing essential gear and supplies can result in frustrations at the camp site, ruining the whole experience for everyone.Below is a list of the things that you should bring to camp to ensure the safety of the campers and to enhance the enjoyment at camp.Bring a good-sized tent to camp. The tent will protect you from the sun, wind and other harsh elements outdoors. There are a lot of camping tents in the market so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a good tent that will fit your budget and meet your needs.  The camp will serve as your temporary home at camp so make sure you have enough space for everyone joining the trip.Bring food and cooking equipment.  Food is the most essential item to bring to camp.  Make sure you bring enough food to last the whole trip and bring food that won’t easily spoil. You will also need some basic cooking equipment such as a camping stove or a camping grill.  To keep your food from spoiling and to enjoy cold drinks at camp, you should also bring a good-sized cooler.For the ultimate comfort in camp, don’t forget to bring portable beds.  Portable beds are much more comfortable to use than traditional sleeping bags.  Sleeping on a portable bed will allow you to have a good night’s rest so that you will get enough energy to enjoy all the activities at camp the following day.  Having a portable cot will also help campers stay warm during cold nights and cool during warm nights because they will be a few feet above ground instead of sleeping directly on the ground.  Portable beds can also be used during the day when you want to take a short nap or rest after a tiring activity at camp. For safety at camp, you should bring a first aid kit that contains aspirin, bandages, gauze, pads, insect-repellant, and other health and safety supplies. The first aid kit will help you treat minor injuries at camp.  For your safety, you should also bring other safety supplies such as ropes, a Swiss knife and other emergency gear.  You should also bring a good flashlight or other possible sources of light.Bring a supply of water. There is no assurance that the tap water at camp will be safe to drink. Make sure you bring a supply of water to use for drinking and cooking.  Water is heavy so you probably won’t be able to bring a lot but you should at least bring enough for drinking.There are also some non-essential things that you can bring to camp that will help keep the people at camp entertained such as board games, a camera, binoculars and other items.