Weight Loss Camps and Other Top Camps For Kids This Summer

Summer may be a daunting time for parents who have active children who do not entertain themselves easily. It can be even more difficult for parents such as myself who work from home. Suddenly, the house is inundated with noise and after the 50th time I’ve heard “MOM, I need…” I’m ready for a straight jacket. This summer, I’m planning on using summer day camps to entertain my children. Choosing one, though, proved quite difficult.I never realized how many different types of summer camps there were for children these days. Let me help you narrow down your search. You’ll have to see what’s locally available for your child, but generally speaking, these are the types of camps offered.Day Camps versus Residential CampsYou’ll have to decide whether you and your child are ready for a residential camp in which the child stays at the facility overnight. Personally, I’m not there yet! Yes, my kiddos might drive me a little batty while I’m trying to work during the day, but I want them home with me at night. However, older children may benefit from this experience and learn a bit of independence.Day camps can be all day or partial days and they are usually set up so that you can go on a week-to-week basis. This is especially helpful if you have a vacation planned.Types of CampsAthletic Camps: These are great for teaching your child a sport. Whether you want your child to play soccer, basketball, baseball (the sky is the limit) or perhaps a less traditional sport such as fencing, there’s a camp that can teach beginners and advanced athletes. Many junior high schools put on athletic camps towards the end of the summer and offer try-outs for sports teams in junior high for sixth graders.Fitness/Weight Loss Camps: If your child is overweight or obese, many camps specialize in teaching children proper eating and exercise habits. Even if your child is not overweight, learning to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into their daily lives is truly a life-long gift.Performing Arts Camps: Do you have a budding star? Performing arts is fantastic for improving self-confidence in your child whether they are out-going or rather shy. Fear of public speaking sometimes trumps the fear of death in individuals, and a performing arts camp will help your child become comfortable in front of an audience. You never know, you might just have a future Russell Crowe or Nicole Kidman on your hands!Computer Camp: Advanced computer techniques such as web design and graphics are becoming more and more important. Despite our declining economy, many internet businesses are staying afloat and profiting. This is a good indicator that your child will rely on the internet no matter what they choose as a career someday. A computer camp is a fun and valuable way for your child to spend part of his or her summer.There are plenty of summer camps available for your child and many variations. Do your homework and make sure that the camp is run by competent entities that follow all licensing procedures. For instance, a weight loss or fitness camp should have licensed registered dieticians and qualified athletic trainers.