Choosing the Perfect Summer Camp For Your Daughter

There are many benefits to sending your daughter to a summer camp. What really adds to her experience is choosing the perfect summer camp for her – one where her developmental needs are met and her interests are matched. You will want a camp that has the experience to handle everything from homesickness to medical emergencies. Here is what to consider when choosing the right camp for your daughter.Start by deciding how your daughter really wants to spend her summer. Pay attention to her life goals and interests. Depending on her age, do research together and ask her what camps she might like to attend. There are specialty camps for computer whizzes as well as musical camps for music prodigies. There are also traditional camps that help your daughter learn about the great outdoors. It is also important to look at the types of programs and activities the children will be participating in. If you do not agree with some activities of a camp, it would not be a good idea to send your daughter there. There are over 8,000 camps in the United States today, so if you strike out on the first few you look at, don’t give up! The correct camp is out there and waiting.Depending on what is important to you and how you would like your daughter to experience camp, you may want to look at the size of the camp, as well as the staff-to-camper ratio. If you would like your daughter to get one-on-one attention, then send her to a smaller camp. However, if you would simply like her to meet her peers and socialize, then send her to a larger camp or a co-ed camp.As a parent, you have clear guidelines on your daughter’s educational process, morals, ethics, and ideologies. Be sure the camp’s philosophy and mission is aligned with your family’s belief system. Talk to the staff and ask a lot of questions. Go their website and see what activities they offer and more importantly, why they offer them. Do they offer outdoor activities mainly to teach girls confidence? Or are outdoor activities offered as a means of teaching religious devotion?Also, you must consider the location of the camp with your daughter in mind. For a young child, you may consider a day camp in your city or a nearby overnight camp. If your daughter is older and more adventurous, sending her to a camp out of state or even to another region could be exciting for her! Sending her to an area she has never been to can groom her for more important life events away from home, such as going off to college, the military or the Peace Corps. However you and your daughter choose the perfect camp, it can be a difficult and perhaps lengthy process. Still, when you choose a great camp, it is always extremely worth it in the end!

Making Camping Reservations Online

Now a days whether it is summertime or any other season of the year it can be vacation time. There is a great way to have a relaxing and fun vacation any time of the year and that is to go camping. With many more people finding this great way to spend their vacations you can imagine how busy camp grounds are becoming. It is very important that you do one thing and that is to make your camping reservation as soon as possible so that you can get the camping area you desire. If you are planning a summer camping trip it is especially important that you make your reservations early.You don’t want to start out on a camping trip and travel hundreds of miles to find that you can not get a place to camp. If you do happen to get a camp site it may not be at all what your desire or can be far away from some of the amenities of the camp ground. It may have not been your plan to rough it, but to have yourself a comfortable and enjoyable time in nature. So there are definitely advantages to checking out the camping areas and making your reservations online.Online ReservationsThere are great websites all over the internet that can make your camping reservations. You can visit the website of the park or camp ground you wish to spend your camping vacation. You also, may visit websites that cover and focus on all aspects of camping.There are areas on these websites that can help you to find the best campground from one state to another state that you are looking for. These sites will also recommend camping food recipes, best camping equipment, RV camping, camping safety, camping guides, and lots of suggestions that will make your camping vacation the best it can be. What ever information you may be looking for on any camping subject, you can find it on these websites.Not only do some of these camping websites make suggestions as far as your camping needs, they also have a great camping store on their sites where you can buy all your camping needs. Camping equipment like different makes of tents, sleeping bags, cots, camping furniture and the camping stove are available. Some of the prices you find on these websites are not hard on the wallet. Just make sure you are buying quality camping equipment that will work in environment that it was made for. You can find an area on these websites where you can rent, buy or even sell an RVs to other people who are looking to spend time in the great outdoorsSo you may not only be making your camping reservations online, but a lot more. You can be connecting with other people that enjoy camping in some of the best camp grounds in the world, any time of the year.

Printable Outdoor Camping Checklists

As an avid outdoor camper you would probably never forget your tent, or the camp stove. You also remember the camp lanterns and first aid kit. But did you ever have to make-do with a cold Sunday breakfast because you forgot the extra fuel bottle? Or did you have to prep your favorite campfire recipe by firelight because you didn’t think to bring extra lantern mantles?Smart campers use checklists to make sure they don’t forget the small things that, if forgotten, can change a pleasant camping experience into one made miserable by one or two vital or missing ingredients or tools.There are three areas where a checklist is most important; camp food and prep items, personal gear, and camp tools and accessories.Camp food and prep items: – make sure you don’t forget a vital campfire recipe ingredient or a can opener, any of the other dozens of minor items necessary for your camp meals

Review your menu plan – make sure you have all the utensils and cookware you need to prepare the meals
Check your chuck box supplies – make sure you replace any staples that were used up on your last camping trip
Go over your campfire recipes to see if there are any special ingredients you need that aren’t in your chuck box supplies
Camp food – make a list of what and how much you need
Personal camping gear:

Back-up stuff like extra batteries and film, or socks and underwear
Disposable items like that small emergency poncho or can of bug spray
Hygiene kit – toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
Convenience items – camp pillow, hat, sunglasses, or tent light
Trip-specific items like cold weather gear or activities items like your fishing rod and equipment
Camp tools and accessories – those handy little s-hooks have dozens of uses around camp – too bad you left them home.

Utility items, like 2″ s-hooks, bungee cords, extra rope or cord, duct tape
Replacement items: fuel canisters, lantern mantles, tent stakes, fire starters
Camp tools: rake or shovel, stake mallet, garden trowel, camp saw and axe, file for blade sharpening
Those are just a few of the things a camping checklist will help you with. Whether it’s hand-written on a legal pad, or formatted and printed, a camping checklist will help ensure your next camping trip isn’t an ordeal because of some forgotten items.